About Bio recycling

Bio Recycling stands for diligence, respect, quality, and flexibility. We think outside the box to find the solution that creates most value for you and your production.

We are made from parties on both side of the table. That is why Bio Recycling is your insurance that your primary production will never stop because of by-products. We have a profound respect for the fact that by-products must never affect the production of any primary product.

On the other side of the table are the purchasers of by-products. Through our deep insight in production of biogas, among other things, we have an equally profound respect for the fact that the characteristics of the by-products must match the different characteristics of the factory.

Our strategy

Bio Recycling is a trade house whose purpose is to support green transition. We do this through international market coverage, purchase, storage, and delivery of by-products.

Our vision

We want to be the industry’s preferred partner with the purpose of seeking out maximal exploitation of Earth’s limited resources in a sustainable yet also profitable way.

Our mission

With flexible, technology independent, and customized solutions, we ensure a profitable and sustainable use of by-products.

Our Team

Kenneth Hansen

Kenneth Hansen


+45 5159 9811

Kenneth is responsible for the company’s overall activities.

Jeppe M. Jørgensen

Jeppe M. Jørgensen

Sales Manager

+45 5159 9819

Jeppe is responsible for purchasing and marketing our products. Jeppe is also responsible for optimizing the company’s logistics.

Martin S. Vingborg

Martin S. Vingborg

S&OP Manager

+45 2795 9220

Martin is responsible for the daily coordination and balancing of our overall activities.

Anders Møller-Lund

Anders Møller-Lund

Q / A specialist

+45 5159 9815

Anders is responsible for our certification program, just as he is responsible for the dialogue between us and various authorities.

Iwona Ławnicka

Iwona Ławnicka

Sourcing Manager, Poland

+48 793 148 640

Iwona is responsible for sourcing raw materials from Poland.

Ellinor Prison

Ellinor Prison

Sourcing Manager, France

+45 2795 9222

Ellinor is responsible for sourcing raw materials from France.

Anders Wolter

Anders Wolter

Sourcing Manager, Germany

+45 2795 9221

Anders is responsible for sourcing
raw materials from Germany.

Susanne Dahl

Susanne Dahl

Administration & analysis

+45 9656 5075

Susanne is responsible for our storage facilities in Hirtshals and handles traceability documents etc.

Mikkel Fjord

Mikkel Fjord

Operating techniques

+45 2174 9995

Mikkel is responsible for our storage facilities in Hvide Sande.



Bio Recycling is REDcert certified, and thus selected types of biomass can be traded as sustainable.

Bio Recycling is currently in progress with certification, so that our work with quality is documentable.

Find us by freeway exit 59

Bio Recycling A/S, Strevelinsvej 28, 7000 Fredericia, Denmark