Handling of by-products from agriculture

Is your silo unable to contain new harvest? Was the outcome of this year’s harvest bigger than expected? Is your feed-quality not good enough and do you need to find alternative potential revenues?

In any case, Bio Recycling can help you find the optimal solution. We are your keys to unlock new commercial options, and we are here to help you get more value from your harvest even when it has not turned out as expected. We do this by offering you customized solutions to your agriculture based on: Optimization, Handling and Sustainability.


  • Does it make sense for you to glean e.g., grass seed fields?
  • Do you need to storage this year’s entire harvest yourself?


  • We can handle your surplus quantities and distribute them to energy purposes
  • Guidance through applicable law and legislations and commercial market conditions


  • We turn potential costs into, for instance, re-ensiling for profit through responsible disposal
  • This serves the environment, your agricultural production, and your bottom line

Contact Bio Recycling today and get a customized solution to avoid production bottlenecks