Trade commodities

Handling of by-products as pure commodities

Biological waste- and by-products can cause problems for your production of primary commodities, such as biodiesel, sugar, ethanol etc. This may cost you in terms of time and money. To avoid these problems, Bio Recycling helps you turn by-products into actual value for your company.

We understand that the world is volatile and uncertain, and we work to ensure you an optimal price at all times. Bio Recycling is your flexible partner, and together we will find the solution that fits your company best through optimization, handling, and sustainability.


  • Some commodities are manufactured in just one quarter of the year. When a whole year’s production takes places in just one quarter, a partnership with storage facilities is needed. Bio Recycling has these facilities. Thus, we can offer you maximum flexibility during production campaigns, which ensures that by-products do not get in the way of primary products.
  • Internationally traded commodities often require handling through shiploads to ensure that costs are not too excessive. Bio Recycling has a direct pipeline from our port storage facilities to the wharf where ships can dock. This means efficient and quick unloading.


  • We buy commodities in our own name and thus take responsibility for any risks once commodities are in our stock
  • We ensure compliance with applicable law and legislations
  • We are your direct access to an entire energy industry. We are independent and not owned by any manufacturers or consumers. We ensure you optimal value at any time.


We turn potential high costs into profits through disposal of by-products in a responsible way

This serves the environment, your production, and your bottom line

Avoid production

Increase the value of your waste- and by-products. Contact Bio Recycling and let us find you a customized solution for your company.