Food or feed industry

Handling of by-products from the food and feed industry


Biological by-products can cause problems for your main production and be expensive in terms of both money and time. To avoid this, Bio Recycling helps you turn waste- and by-products into actual value for your company.

We are flexible and will find you the solution that fits your company best through optimized workflows, added value, and sustainability.


  • We will screen your company for by-products and any potential benefits in your entire value chain
  • We deliver addon and onsite solutions customized to your company
  • We invest in necessary setup for handling your by-products


  • Flexibility through customized solutions to meet your exact challenges and needs
  • Guidance through applicable law and legislations and commercial market conditions
  • Handling of practicalities concerning logistics, coordination, documentation etc.


  • We turn costs into profits through disposal in a responsible way
  • This serves the environment, your food production, and your bottom line

Avoid bottlenecks in
your production

Increase the value of waste- and by-products. Contact Bio Recycling today and let us find you a customized solution for your company.